The authentic of our cuisine is defined by the meals which are on the list of Croatian Authentic Cuisine.

Some of them are:

Dalmatian cheese, Dalmatian smoked ham, Octopus salad, Black cuttlefish risotto, Oysters, Fish soup, Brodet ( local fish stew with rich tomato sauce ), Gregada di Hvar ( fish stew with potatoes, wine and olive oil ), Dalmatian pasticada ( season veal loin in red wine sauce ), Octopus and squid under the bell, Wild board with gnocchi, Carob cake and Cream caramel.

They are simply the taste of the tradition!

We recommend you also to try Happy Dalmatian (filled veal escalope with smoked ham and cheese) which is the most loved meat meal among our guests. There is also another Must Try: our Special pancakes with bitter orange marmalade! They’re special because our marmalade is homemade with orange from our fields and made according to the old recipe, without any artificial additives.

Bitter orange field Hvar

Bitter orange field Hvar

  Stay up to date because there’ll be lot of surprises this season!