About us

Djed Luka i otac CviteDva ribara is a small family run restaurant  since 1970. Grandmother and grandfather of the owner, Luka Novak have started this long family story and now he is continuing it. 

Grandfather was a fisherman, so serving fresh sea food is tradition in our restaurant. 

All family members were involved in fishing business and parallel with it they worked  in the vineyards and olive fields. Tradition of making own olive oil and wine for restaurant use  is very long, for almost 45 years.

It is all about TRADITION.  Taste the TRADITION.


Grandmother Marica

Grandmother Marica

 The restaurant serves traditional Dalmatian and also International cuisine, nicely prepared and served in elegant way. Meals are prepared from high quality ingredients, with an emphasis on seasonal and home made eco products.

Our Kitchen led by experienced Chef is based on fresh  fish, traditional dishes, seasonal and organic vegetables grown in our fields. An a la cart menu can be enjoyed during both lunch and dinner.

Our greatest delight is that we get to share our passion for food integrity and consumption of local, seasonal produce with tens of thousands of people every year.      

Unique in town All home made eco products we use in our restaurant; Olive oil, olives, red and white wine, vinegar, sweat wine, grappa, bitter orange marmalade, capers, oregano and other herbs form our fields. All these ingredients give our meals specific notes that make them so tastefully and different. And this is just the beginning of the delightful experience that awaits you at Dva ribara.